Release Notes

Below you will find information from previous MPWEB updates. For the most up to date release information please click here.

Release 3.4.0

Enhancement: Introduced "Complete" Permission For Purchase Orders

Similar to the Work Order Complete permission, you can now choose which users can complete or "close" a Purchase Oder

Enhancement:  Added Unit # Information On Work Orders Workflow Notifications

You will now see the unit# in the work order workflow notifications.

Enhancement:  Added Warehouse Names When Selecting Fuel Tanks

You can now see the warehouse associated with a fuel tank when completing a fuel transaction.

Enhancement:  Added New Fields To The Tire Import

You can now add the following fields to the tire import; Purchase Price, Purchase Date, and Model.

Enhancement:  Work Order Task Grouping

We added the option to easily differentiate between Repairs and PM tasks when creating a work order.

Enhancement:  Over Budget Notification

We introduced a notification option for when a unit is over budget.

Enhancement:  New Inventory Filter Option

We introduced the ability to filter parts based on if they are tracked or not tracked (stock or non-stocked)

Enhancement:  Equipment Parent Name Added To Work Orders

Release 3.3.9

New Feature:  Bulk Part Assignment

Easily associate parts to multiple units. Simply click on "Assign Equipment" in the part's profile,

and choose which units can use this part:

New Feature: Added Credit Option To Purchase Orders

We introduced the ability to add credits to purchase orders.

Choose the part you will be receiving a credit for and add the price.

The credit will be applied, and the new price will be reflected:

Enhancement: Added Operator Field To The Tasks All Due Report

Enhancement:  Added Record Fluid Button To Operator's Home Screen

Enhancement:  Added Notes To Employee Renewals

We introduced the ability to add notes to your employee renewals

Enhancement:  Employee Renewals Choice List

You will now be able to choose which renewal to assign an employee.

Enhancement:  Part Warranty Start Dates

We added the option to edit and specify the warranty start date for parts; leaving it blank will default the date to the part's "receipt" date.

Enhancement:  Inspection Signature Will Now Display Printed Name

For ease of readability, we are now displaying in print the name of the signee.

Release 3.3.7

New Feature:  Single Sign On (Enterprise Only)

We now support SAML 2.0 SSO, which will allow you to log in to MPWeb with your preferred identity provider.

Learn more about SSO implementation here

New Feature:  Parts Warranty

You can now establish a warranty period for the parts used. When adding a part to a work order, you have the option to specify warranty information.

Upon Closing the work order, you should see the warranty information:

Attempting to re-use this part on this unit will inform you of the warranty status:

Enhancement: Added Invoice Number To Inventory Receipt Report

Enhancement:  Added Change Password Option For Operators 

Enhancement:  Added Fluid Cost To Equipment Operating Cost Report

Release 3.3.5

New Feature:  Manage Inventory Categories

We have introduced a new dedicated module for viewing and managing your inventory categories.

Create, edit, or remove part categories from the stored list.

New Feature:  New User Permission 

We introduced a new user permission to grant or block access to manage part categories.

Enhancement: Operators Can Select Stock Parts

Operators may now choose parts from inventory stock items when recording Expense or Fluid entries.  If you would like to take advantage of this feature, please visit your organizational settings to enable.  Previously they were restricted to non-inventories parts.

Enhancement:  Specify "Ship To" Address for Warehouses

Indicate a shipping address for each of your warehouses to be displayed or printed on your purchase orders.

Enhancement:  Added Created Date and Priority Information On Work Orders

Enhancement: Add Parts From Different Warehouses to Purchase Orders 

Users may add parts to the same purchase order from different warehouses.

Release 3.3.4

New Feature:  Fluid Consumption

We have introduced a new dedicated module for keeping track of fluid consumption, such as adding oil, coolant, or other fluids to an asset.You may access the feature from the Equipment row via the actions cogwheel.

Various details regarding the fluid addition can be recorded:

Equipment: The unit this fluid entry corresponds toDate: DateFluid: Optional field, can be used for "Types" of fluidsPart #: Optional field; you can specify which part from inventory was used.Quantity: How much fluid was consumed.Unit Type: Optional field for the unit of measurement (Each, Quart, Gallons, Liters, etc.)Operator: Optional field for the operator completing the fluid entry

Fluid Consumption Reports

Along with the fluid consumption module, we introduced two new reports: Equipment Fluid Detail and Equipment Fluid by Category.

New Feature: Task's Labor Date

When adding labor to a work order, you may now specify an exact date the labor was completed:

By default, the current date will be inserted for you.  You may click (or touch) the date if you need to change it. 

New Feature:  Common Parts List

We have provided a new way to view and specify common parts associated with an asset.  You may access the new feature from the equipment profile page.  A list of "common" parts will be displayed for quick reference.  Parts that are associated with the equipment from a maintenance template or part kit will also be shown.  You may also manually input parts if needed.

Enhancement: Added optional "Completed" Field To Purchase Order Summary Report

You can customize the report and add the "Completed" field

Enhancement:  Added optional "Max Quantity" Field To The Inventory List And To All Inventory Reports

New Feature:  Notes And Attachments Options For Job Sites

You may indicate Notes and Attachments for job sites.  

New Feature:  New Operator Permission Option

You may now limit operators to only view their own inspections.

Enhancement: Home Screen Graphs and Charts Will Refresh Based On Location

Enhancement: Repair Request Notification

Operators will now be notified once their repair requests have been completed. 

Release 3.3.3

Re-Arrange The Order Of Tasks In A Work Order

You can now drag and drop tasks in a work order to re-arrange them.

Usage History For Non-Stock Parts

You can see the usage history of non-stock parts directly from the part's "usage" tab.

Part's Warehouse Information Now Included in Work Orders

When printing a work order, the part's warehouse information will now be displayed. 

Removed Sign Out Button From Operator's Dashboard

Design improvement that should reduce confusion between "singing out" a piece of equipment and logging out of the application. 

Mass Edit Repair Names To Specify Repair Types

You can now edit multiple repair names and specify repair types.

Repair Types List

Similar to the repair names list, repair types are now also part of a manageable list.

Child Assignment Update

Child Equipment will now be signed out if the parent unit is signed out. 

Notice Unit 620 is the Child of unit 633

I sign out 663

It also signs out 620

Work Order Identifiers On Bulk Attachment Download 

Added identifiers to downloaded files when completing a bulk work order attachment download. 

"N/A" Option For Fuel Units On Equipment Profile

New Available Fields For Equipment Imports

The following fields have been added to equipment imports:

Sold Date


Sold Price

Primary Meter at Sale

Secondary Meter at Sale


Salvage Price

PDF Report Download Limit Is Now 15 Columns

Going past the limit will result in the following:

Template Imports

You can now import maintenance templatesSee below for a file example:PM_Task_Import.csv

Release 3.3.2

Picture Requirement For Inspections

You can now add a picture requirement to inspection tasks.

On PC the picture icon will look like this:(Which will open your file browser to select an image)

On our mobile app, you have two options:

Will open your phone's camera to capture a new photo

Will open your phone's file explorer to select an image.

Clear Notifications

You can now clear all notifications or clear specific notifications

Employee Sign-Out Report Modification

You can now add custom fields and notes to the Employee Sign-Out Report

Added Notes To The Equipment Sign-Out Form

You can now add notes when signing out equipment

Download Work Order Attachments In Bulk

You can now download work order attachments in bulk, choose the work orders and click download attachments (It will create a zip folder containing all of the attachments)

Workflow Notifications

Workflow notifications now clearly represent which Work Order or Purchase Order they belong to.

Employee List Filtering

You can now filter your employee list by "Login Type."

Release 3.3.1

Mass Edit Meter Types

You can now bulk edit meter types of your equipment Example:

Added Ability To Record Secondary Meter on Fuel Transactions

When entering a fuel transaction, you can now update both meters of the unit (if the unit has two meters enabled)

Work Order Assignees Now Default As Labor on Work Orders

When making a new Work Order, the assignee will automatically be listed for labor entry. In this case, the assignee's name is "Test Labor." When I click "Add Labor," it automatically defaults to the assignee's name, "Test Labor."

Added a New Report: "Inventory Transfer" "Operators" Can Now Add General Expenses To Units

Operators, formerly known as "Mobile" users, can now create expenses for equipment.

Custom Fields For Accident Forms

As with all custom fields, they can be managed from the Organizational Profile Settings in the Custom Fields TabIt will show up on the bottom of the accident form:

Added Credit Column to Work Order Reports

Added Assignment Location Column to Equipment Maintenance Detail Report

Vendor Part # Is Now Searchable On Inventory Management

Fixed Inspections Now Accurately Report "Fixed" in Unit's History

Charts On Reports Now Accurately Update When Searching and FilteringFixed an issue where charts on reports were not updating properly when searching or fitting reports

Release 3.3.0

Part Associations

Part associations can now be created for specific equipment. 

You can assign parts to a specific task in a maintenance template and now assign them to different vehicles.

When creating a work order for a task with a part associated, it will automatically pull the needed part.

Example: Clicking on the Oil Change task on this Light Duty Trucks maintenance template

Now has a section for "Parts Required"

licking add parts will prompt you to search for a part from your inventory: (In this example I searched for a filter, and chose my "Generic Oil Filter")

Once a part has been added, you can specify which vehicle it belongs to: (Currently assigned to "ALL")

I'm removing one of my vehicles from this part association, as this filter would not fit.

It now shows this filter is associated with one vehicle

No Meter Selection

You can now specify "None" as meter type

Added Meter Start and End values to Equipment Usage Reports

These columns can now be added to the report

Added a New Report: "Inventory Stock Value Summary"

Employee Renewals Will Now Appear On The Calendar

Release 3.2.7

Custom Meter Types

Added the ability to choose custom meter types as a secondary meter when editing equipment.

Update Meters From Within Work Orders

Users with "Meter Update" permissions will now be able to directly update meters from within a Work Order

Manually Set Tax Values For Purchase Orders 

Users can now manually set the tax value of an order instead of being dependent on the tax percentage.

Max Date Threshold for Meter Readings

Meter update dates are now limited to today or earlier dates Before:

After: (notice future dates are grayed out and un-selectable)

Insurance Field When Reporting An Accident

Users will now be able to select an Insurance company from Vendors when reporting an accident

A reminder of Quantity Ordered When Editing Received Quantity in a Purchase Order


After (Notice the "Ordered" reminder above the Received prompt):

Add Custom Fields To Tasks By Employee Report

The Tasks by Employee Report can now have custom fields added. 

Simply click customize and select your custom field (custom fields can be accessed from the organization profile)

The Custom Field will now be shown in the report

Added "Operator" to Fuel History



Added Unit Type As An Optional Field to Inventory Receipt Reports

This optional field is now available for the Inventory Receipt Report. It can be added by selecting customize and picking "Units"

Release 3.2.6

Accident History (Premium and Enterprise Only)

You can now record Accidents within the Equipment's History. You can add an Accident record through the Quick Add menu, the Actions button on the equipment list, as well as within the History of the equipment as seen below. There's an accompanying Accident report found in the Equipment section of the reports, too.

The Accident entry form contains many fields to record all of the relevant details about the incident, including the ability to upload photos or documents regarding the occurrence. After saving the entry, you will be presented with the Attachments tab of the entry, allowing you to add photos, documents, etc.

Work Order Status Visibility

You will now see the Status of a work order on the Home screen, Equipment list, as well as the Equipment Profile's Tasks tab.

Fuel Type Selection on Fuel Records

You may now select a fuel Type on the New Fuel Transaction screen, as well as have this imported if you're using the fuel import option.

Part Kit Management (Enterprise Only)

Creating Part Kits to associate with equipment and services is now available. Part kits can be created and left unassigned, or assigned to specific equipment. Use the gear icon in the upper right corner of the program to access the Part Kits:

Within the Part Kits list, you can create new part kits and edit existing ones. 

Add as many parts to a kit as needed. You can choose to leave the part kit unassigned or assign it to specific equipment. Either way, it will be available to add to a work order.

When updating a work order, use the Add Kit button to bring up the part kits list, and when you choose one you will also see if everything required is in stock:

Release 3.2.5

Inventory Profile Image

A profile image can now be assigned to each inventory part, similar to equipment profile images. This way you can quickly see what the part should look like.

On the part profile page click the camera icon to select a profile image.

Alternatively, you can edit the part and click the new Picture tab.

Click the Select File button and choose the picture file you wish to use.

The inventory profile will now have the picture visible.

On the main Inventory listing you can also show the column for Thumbnail Image.

This will show the profile picture on the main Inventory listing.

Assign Multiple Parts To Purchase Orders

On the Home screen in the Inventory Low section you can now select multiple parts to add to create Purchase Orders for.

The selections can also be made from the main Inventory listing.

You can specify the quantity, cost, and vendor for each part.

Clicking Save will bring you to the main Purchase Order listing.

Note that a Purchase Order record can only be assigned to one Vendor at a time. If multiple vendors are selected then the parts will be added to separate Purchase Orders.

Employee Multi-Edit

Inside of the Employee listing you can select multiple rows to edit at once.

On the multi-edit screen, you can choose a number of properties such as notification settings, permissions, locations and warehouses. Any changes made here, once saved, will be applied to all selected Employee records.

Equipment Tabs Added To Maintenance / Inspection Templates

A new Equipment tab has been added to the Maintenance Template and Inspection Template screens. Click this tab to view equipment that are currently assigned to the template.

A new action gear has been added to the template page. This provides quick access to add and remove equipment from the template.

(Enterprise Only) Email Notification Added To Inspection Workflow

When setting up Workflows for Inspections, you can now trigger an email notification based on the inspection status. In this example, an email will be sent if a DVIR Vehicle inspection record has been marked as Failed.

Equipment Operator Now Available On Work Order List

In the Work Order list you can now add a column to view the equipment's Operator (the person assigned to the unit in the equipment's profile).

This field is also available on the Work Order reports.

Repairs From Inspections Show Origin On Work Orders

When an inspection is filled out, if an item fails you have the option to create a repair request for it.

When a Work Order is created for the repair, an Inspection badge is displayed next to the task name. This can be clicked on to bring you to the linked inspection record.

For DVIR inspections that require multiple signatures to complete, once the Work Order is completed you will automatically be brought to the linked Inspection Record in order to add the mechanic's signature.

(Enterprise Only) Assignment / Job Site Custom Fields

Custom fields can now be created for Assignments (Sign Out / In functions) and for Job Sites.

When signing equipment out, the custom field data can be filled in.

You can show the custom field column on the Job Site Equipment Summary report to display any text entered here.

Release 3.2.4

Date Range Added To Equipment Profile Charts

Inside of the equipment profile page there is a chart on the right hand side which displays the maintenance costs for the last 12 months. You can now modify the date range using one of the available drop down options. Choosing a new date range will refresh the values and update the chart.

Hide Employees Or Vendors From Work Order Assignee/Labor Lists

In the Employee Edit screen and Vendor Edit screen, there is a new option which controls whether the employee/vendor can be assigned to, or used as labor for, any Work Order tickets.

Here is where to find the option on the Edit Employee screen:

If this is set to Yes, then the employee will appear in the Work Order Assignee and Add Labor options on tickets. Setting this option to No means the employee will be hidden from these lists. 

If you have drivers or operators setup in your Employee list who will not be interacting with the Work Order system at all, you may wish to set this setting to No on their account to help clean up the assignee/labor lists on the Work Order screens. 

When editing a Vendor record you will find this option towards the bottom of the Edit screen.

New Cost-Per-Meter Value

On the Maintenance Cost report a new CPM/Km/Hr column is now available. This will show you how much the unit is costing on a per mile/hour/kilometer basis.

Equipment Operator Linked To Inspection Record Assignee

When an inspection record is filled out by a mobile user, that person's name is added to the inspection record automatically. If you are logged into Maintenance Pro Web as a regular user, the equipment's operator is automatically linked to the inspection's assignee box.

In the example below we have an equipment operator listed with our test account.

When creating a new inspection for the equipment from, this test account (the equipment's operator) is automatically filled in as the assignee.

New Quick-Add Functions

The quick-add button on the top of the page (plus sign) is used to quickly create new records in the system. Fuel Transactions and General Expenses are now available to use with the quick-add feature.

Release 3.2.3

'Due Status' Column Added To Task Due Reports

We now have an Elapsed column for the Task Due reports that shows how many days / miles / hours are left until the task is due. If the task is overdue, it also shows how many meters have passed, or how much time has passed, since the task was originally due.

Quick Add Buttons For Vendors And Employees

When using the Vendor and Employee drop down boxes throughout the program, the Vendor or Employee must already be added to the system in order to select them. We have setup new Quick Add buttons that allow you to easily create a new Vendor or Employee record on-the-fly, without leaving the current screen.

'Other' Task Type

When adding tasks to Work Orders you now have the option to select 'Other' as the task type. Other tasks would include items that don't necessarily count towards PM or Repair costs. 

Selecting Other will allow you type into the task name field below.

This Other Task will show up on the Work Order as its own line item.

Any costs attributed to this task will appear in the Other column on the Maintenance Costs and Operating Costs report.

Note that any Renewal tasks, such as tag renewals or insurance plan renewals, will also be attributed to the Other cost column if they are added into a Work Order ticket. Their costs won't be calculated as PM or Repair costs for the equipment.

New Prompt For Update Meters Screen

When on the Update Meters screen, if you try to leave the page without saving your results the system will now provide a confirmation prompt. This is to help prevent any data loss from accidentally existing the screen before saving.

New User Permissions For Tires

A new row for Tire functions has been added to the User Permissions screen. This way a user can be locked out of making changes to the tire listing, while still retaining access to other parts of the program, such as the main Inventory list. More information about the Tire Management part of the program can be found here.

Release 3.2.2

Adjust Column Order

We have added the ability to change the order of columns for lists and reports. To do so, click the hamburger icon on the top right of the screen and choose Customize.

On the Customize Fields screen, each column will have an up-down arrow icon to the left. Click and drag this icon up or down to modify the order in which the column displays.

Here is an example of how to change the column order via dragging and dropping:

After adjusting the columns to your liking, click Save on the bottom. The screen will then refresh and the new column layout will appear.

Scheduled Report Filtering

We recently added a Custom Filtering feature to the software, which allows you to narrow down the results of your lists and reports. Any saved custom filters can now be applied to Scheduled Reports.

From the report preview screen, click the hamburger icon on the top right and choose Scheduled Report.

You will be able to utilize the custom filter on your scheduled reports.

Inventory Reconciliation

Modifying the quantity levels of your parts requires creating part adjustments in the form of issuances and receipts. The new Inventory Reconciliation feature provides a streamlined method to adjusting your part quantity levels.

To access this feature click the 123 icon on the top menu and choose Inventory Reconciliation.

You will be presented with a list of all of your inventory parts, along with their existing quantity. Simply type in the new quantity numbers and click Update on the bottom.

There is also a search box available on the top right if you need to find a specific part record to make a change to.

Task Due Reports now feature a WO # column. A number will appear here if the task has already been assigned to a work order ticket:

Release 3.2.1

Custom Filters

Custom filters can now be applied to lists and reports throughout Maintenance Pro Web. You can utilize the new filtering system to help find list and report data that meets your specific criteria.

A video overview of the Custom Filter feature can be found at this link: This video is also playable below:

To start using this feature, click the filter icon located on the search bar.

If you do not have any filters setup yet you'll be brought directly to the New Custom Filter screen. Otherwise, you can select New to create a new filter, click on the name of a previously saved filter, or click Manage to add/remove existing Saved Filters.

On the New Filter screen you'll be able to choose from a list of available search fields. In the example below we are filtering out the Equipment list to show us any units that have more than 1 task that's due. Any units without tasks due, or that have only one task due, will be hidden in our list.

You can add multiple criteria to the same filter by using the +OR and +AND options. There is also the ability to name the filter and save it for future use, so that you can easily reference the same filter at a future date.

After pressing Save the filtered results will show on the screen.

To go back to your regular unfiltered results, click the red filter icon on the search bar to clear the filter.

The custom filter feature will also be available on Reports.

For more information on how to use this feature please click here to review our Custom Filter guide.

Scheduled Reports (Enterprise-Only Feature)

Reports can now be automatically emailed out of the program at regular intervals with our new Scheduled Reports feature. To access the Scheduled Report list, click the gear on the top right of the program and choose Scheduled Reports.

Here you'll find a list of scheduled reports that are already setup in the system. Click on an existing report name to make changes, or click the New button on the top right to setup a new scheduled report.

For more information on how to use this feature please click here to review our Scheduled Reports guide.

DVIR Enhancements (Enterprise Only)

Any Inspection Template can now be specified as a DVIR template. This adds extra signature tracking features to the checklist. The driver and the mechanic that fixes any repairs that have been reported by the inspection will both be able to sign off on the inspection. From the Inspection Template list, click any template to find the DVIR option on the Edit Inspection Template screen, as shown here:

A new Low-Stock filter has been added to the Inventory List. This way you will be able to quickly see which parts need reordering.

Task Priority will now be displayed on the Home screen and Equipment screen. 

A highlight will be added to the left of the row. Expanding the equipment's task list will tell you which tasks have a higher priority.

If the equipment has a Pending inspection record (this is an inspection checklist that was started and not yet completed) the name of the Inspection checklist will appear in the equipment's expanded task list.

An email column has been added to the Vendor List.

A column for the Repair Requester has been added to the Maintenance Detail report.

This is where the requester would be specified when adding a new Repair Request to the system.

Here is where it will show up on the Maintenance Detail report.

Release 3.2.0

User Activity Log (Enterprise-Only Feature)

The new User Activity Log will allow you to view a log of changes that have been made to records inside of Maintenance Pro Web. The Activity Log will show you when equipment, work orders, and other records have been created, modified, or deleted.

To access this feature click the gear on the top right of the program and choose Activity Log.

A list of activities that have occurred within the past 30 days will appear. You can utilize the search box on the top right to find a specific record. Common searches would include Work Order numbers or Equipment IDs, so you can see if they have been edited or deleted recently.

An action filter is located on the top left to help narrow down your searches.

Utilize the search box on the top right to help find a specific record.

The Item column will provide a further description of the action. In the example below you can see that WO 20066 had a Part added.

Clicking on any row will display additional details of the activity.

License Plate State Field

A new license plate State/Province field has been added to the Edit Equipment screen under the Plate # value. This will help to track where the plate has been registered for the unit.

Equipment Sold Data

Whenever an equipment's status is set to Sold, a section will now appear directly below the Status to enter in additional sold data such as Date Sold and Price Sold.

To review archived release notes from versions prior to 3.2.0 please click here.

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