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Scheduled Reports is only available with our Enterprise subscription plan. If you wish to upgrade your subscription please click here to contact us!

Reports can now be automatically emailed out of the program at regular intervals with our new Scheduled Reports feature. 

To access the Scheduled Report list, click the gear on the top right of the program and choose Scheduled Reports.

Here you'll find a list of scheduled reports that are already setup in the system. Click on an existing report name to make changes, or click the New button on the top right to setup a new scheduled report.

Create Scheduled Report

Click the gear on the top right of the program and choose Scheduled Reports. Click the blue New button on the top right to add a new report to the list.

On the New Scheduled Report screen you'll want to choose the name of the report from the first drop down box.

Next you'll want to choose how often the report is emailed out. Choose a value under Schedule Interval for this purpose. 

If you choose Weekly for the Schedule Interval, the program will ask which day of the week you'd like the report emailed out.

If you chose a report that is able to have a Date Range filter applied, you will see a Report Interval box below. Note that not all reports will have this drop-down box available. In our example we're choosing the Maintenance Detail report, which can have a date range applied to see tasks that were completed in a specific time period.

We'll go ahead and choose Last 30 Days here. This means that every time the report is generated and sent, it will contain the last 30 days of completed maintenance tasks.

You can also apply a Location filter to the report, so that it only contains equipment from a specific place.

The Last Sent value is what the system uses to figure out the next time the report should be emailed out. You would usually leave it on the current day, so that the timer starts counting down from today. However, you can backdate this if you wish. 

You can then choose who should be emailed the report in the Recipients box. Note that you can only choose from Employees in the system that are tied to a license and email address. You cannot send an email to an employee who is not attached to a license. You can specify more than one recipient for the scheduled report.

The reports will be emailed in PDF format by default. If you would rather have the report sent in a CSV format, check the box on the bottom for CSV File. Click Save when finished.

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Manage Scheduled Reports

To review a list of scheduled reports in the system click the gear on the top right and choose Scheduled Reports.

Click on any Scheduled Report names that you want to make changes to.

If you want to completely remove a scheduled report from the system, on the Edit Scheduled Report screen click the red Delete button on the bottom.

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