What's New In MPWEB

Release 3.3.4

New Feature:  Fluid Consumption

We have introduced a new dedicated module for keeping track of fluid consumption, such as adding oil, coolant, or other fluids to an asset.
You may access the feature from the Equipment row via the actions cogwheel. Various details regarding the fluid addition can be recorded:

Equipment: The unit this fluid entry corresponds to
Date: Date
Fluid: Optional field, can be used for "Types" of fluids
Part #: Optional field; you can specify which part from inventory was used.
Quantity: How much fluid was consumed.
Unit Type: Optional field for the unit of measurement (Each, Quart, Gallons, Liters, etc.)
Operator: Optional field for the operator completing the fluid entry

Fluid Consumption Reports

Along with the fluid consumption module, we introduced two new reports: Equipment Fluid Detail and Equipment Fluid by Category.

New Feature: Task's Labor Date

When adding labor to a work order, you may now specify an exact date the labor was completed:By default, the current date will be inserted for you.  You may click (or touch) the date if you need to change it. 

New Feature:  Common Parts List

We have provided a new way to view and specify common parts associated with an asset.  You may access the new feature from the equipment profile page.  A list of "common" parts will be displayed for quick reference.  Parts that are associated with the equipment from a maintenance template or part kit will also be shown.  You may also manually input parts if needed.

Enhancement: Added optional "Completed" Field To Purchase Order Summary Report

You can customize the report and add the "Completed" field

Enhancement:  Added optional "Max Quantity" Field To The Inventory List And To All Inventory Reports

New Feature:  Notes And Attachments Options For Job Sites

You may indicate Notes and Attachments for job sites.  

New Feature:  New Operator Permission Option

You may now limit operators to only view their own inspections.

Enhancement: Home Screen Graphs and Charts Will Refresh Based On Location

Enhancement: Repair Request Notification

Operators will now be notified once their repair requests have been completed. 

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