What's New In MPWEB

Release 3.1.7

Master Inventory Records

We have performed a major overhaul of our warehouse and parts inventory database resulting in significant data entry time savings for those utilizing multiple warehouses for their parts. All inventory records can now be centrally managed. 

When adding or editing inventory, it is no longer required to add duplicate part records for the each of your warehouses. Enter the part ONCE and make your warehouse and vendor assignments on the same screen.  

Adding or editing a part number from any warehouse will bring you to the Master Inventory Record

You will see a listing of all Warehouses, along with corresponding quantity for each (if tracking is enabled for the part).

Utilize the new Transfer button to quickly move part quantity from one warehouse to another. Transfer parts to other warehouses when editing a part and view adjustments in real-time.  If a warehouse assignment does not exist for the part, a warehouse assignment will automatically be created for you. 

Vendor associations can be added to this part for specific warehouses.

You can also simply indicate the supplier is a "global supplier" for all warehouses. The new Global Supplier option will link this vendor record to ALL warehouses where the part is present.

Warehouse Deletion

From time to time, it may be necessary to need to delete a warehouse if it is no longer active or you may wish to perform a complete inventory overhaul of the warehouse.  Warehouses can now be deleted and all work order part history utilized from the warehouse will still be maintained. 

Clicking on a warehouse entry from the Manage Warehouse list will present a Delete option on the bottom.

You can view previously Deleted warehouses from the Warehouse Management screen via the blue status filter on the top left.

Once a warehouse is deleted all part entries associated with that warehouse will be hidden.

Clicking on a deleted warehouse record will display an Undelete button on the bottom. This can be used to easily restore the warehouse back.

Please note that deleting a warehouse does NOT completely remove any part records or existing part history from the system. The warehouse entry is simply in a hidden state so that parts inside of this warehouse are no longer visible.

Other Enhancements

Meter Log entries can now be edited if they originated from a bulk meter import.

Completed repair information will be displayed when printing an inspection record.

Inventory fields will now display in the same order on both the View and Edit screens.  

The ability for a user to reopen work orders is now specifically linked to the Work Order Edit permission.

Feature Requests

We are always interested in hearing feedback from our customers! If there are any features you would like to see added to Maintenance Pro Web in a future update please click this link to submit your request.

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