What's new in Maintenance Pro?

Release 3.8.7

New Feature: Add miscellaneous items to purchase orders

You may add "non-part" items to purchase orders using the new "MISC ITEM" menu item:

Simply type a description for the item, enter quantity, unit cost, etc.

New Feature: Employee History

We have added a new "History" tab on the employee profile page. From here, you may view a historical log of items assigned to the employee including work orders, inspections, and equipment. You may also view repair requests recorded by the employee.

New Feature: Add renewal records while adding equipment

Save time by setting up renewal reminders while adding new equipment. When adding new equipment, you may license plate and vehicle inspection expiration dates.

This will automatically create renewal tasks for the equipment and remind you 45 days (default) prior to the renewal expiration date.

Enhancement: Assign multiple employees to equipment

While adding or editing equipment, you may assign more than one employee to equipment:

New Feature: Employee equipment assignment

If desired, you may limit employees' access to only the equipment that is assigned to them.

To restrict employees to viewing only their assigned equipment, edit the employee record and enable the "User Can Only View Assigned Equipment" setting.

Enhancement: Location filter support for the Employee Renewals Report

Enhancement: Added Tax Costs To The Fuel By State Report

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