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Equipment List Overview

The Equipment List is where you can easily access any unit that has been added to MPWEB. You can search and filter your equipment list, add or edit equipment, and easily create new records for equipment such as repair requests or work orders.

To get to the equipment  list, click Equipment on the left hand side menu.

To view a list of locations and categories click the folder icon to the left of the Equipment header.

Click the down arrow to the right of the location name to view the category list.

Click on a location or category name to view equipment contained within the location or category chosen.

Click the blue text underneath the Equipment header to filter your equipment list based on Status or Location.

Utilize the search box on the top right to quickly find any assets.

Click the blue arrow to the left of the unit ID to expand the selection and view due tasks.

Clicking the Actions Gear on the right will give you quick access to add a new record for the unit, such as a new repair request or work order.

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Adding New Equipment

To add new equipment, click the plus sign for Equipment on the left hand side menu.

Or, from the equipment index screen you can click the New button on the top right, next to the search box.

On the New Equipment screen there is a variety of information to fill out. 

Most of the fields are self-explanatory. We will go over a few of the most utilized ones here.

The Unit # is a unique identifier of the equipment. Two pieces of equipment are not allowed to have the same unit #.

Anything entered into the Keywords box is referenced when using the Search Box on the equipment index. Think of these as 'search tags' that make it easier to find the equipment from a list. Entering keywords is optional and not required.

Serial # is another field that must be unique. You cannot have two units with the same exact serial #.

The check box for Equipment has a meter tells the system whether or not we will be tracking an odometer of some sort for the unit. Each piece of equipment can have up to two meter types setup for it. You can choose from Miles, Kilometers or Hours. If this box is unchecked, then the system will not track any meter readings for the unit. 

Note that the meter types will automatically be configured when choosing a Maintenance Template (more information about this is further down).

Assignee is where you can designate an employee who operates or is responsible for the unit's maintenance.

Location/Category tells the system which location the unit belongs to.

The Purchase category is used for the depreciation report.

You can assign a Maintenance Template and Inspection Template to the unit. You can find more information about these templates under the Maintenance Tasks & Inspections category of the knowledge base. A Maintenance Template contains tasks that will be tracked for this unit. An Inspection Template contains a pre-existing checklist of items to inspect. If a Maintenance Template is setup with a primary meter of Hours, choosing it here from the drop down list will automatically set the primary meter of the equipment (towards the top of the edit screen) to Hours.

Click the Save button on the bottom to save the unit into the system. Click the Save & New if you wish to come back to the New Equipment screen to enter an additional piece of equipment.

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Edit Existing Equipment

To make changes to existing equipment, from the equipment list click the action gear on the right hand side and choose Edit.

You can also click on the name of the equipment on the list to get to the Profile page. Click on Edit on the top right of the profile to make changes to the asset.

On the Edit screen you can modify the data in any of the boxes. Click the Save button on the bottom to save the changes.

If you wish to assign a picture to the equipment click the Picture tab on the top. Click Select File to choose a picture to upload.

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Deleting Equipment

To delete equipment, click on the equipment name from the Equipment Index to get to the Profile screen. Then, click the gear icon on the top right and choose Delete.

Clicking on Delete will pop-up with a confirmation box. Click Yes or OK to continue with the delete process.

Once you press OK, the unit will be removed from the Active equipment list. I am unable to see the equipment now when searching for it.

However, the unit still existing in MPWEB under a Deleted status. This is done as a safe guard so that equipment is not accidentally permanently deleted from the system.

To view equipment with a Deleted status, click the blue filter underneath the Equipment heading and choose Deleted.

Here you can view units that have been previously deleted. 

Under the Actions column you have two options:

Undelete will undo the deletion and bring the equipment back to your normal equipment index.

Destroy will permanently remove the unit from the system. Note that there is no undo button for this. You will be presented with an additional confirmation, making sure you really want to remove the equipment completely. Doing so will free up the unit # so that it can be used for new equipment records.

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