Inspections | Template Setup

Setting Up A New Inspection Template

To create a new Inspection Template, click the gear on the top right and choose Inspection Templates.

You will be brought to the Inspection Template management screen. You can add, edit, or delete templates from here.

Click the blue New button on the top right to create a new template.

Choose a Name for the Inspection Template. Then click on Add Item to start building your checklist.

Once you click Add Item, you will get an empty text box to add something to your checklist. You can continue clicking Add Item to add more and more items. 

Advanced Settings / Recurring Inspections

If your MPWEB account is on the Enterprise subscription level you will have additional options available in the Advanced Settings section underneath the checklist items.

Checking 'require user to record meter reading' will force the user to enter an odometer reading on the inspection record when saving it.

If Recurring Inspections is filled out the system will automatically create a pending inspection record for the equipment in a specified time interval. Pending inspection records will appear in orange on the Home screen and Equipment List, letting you know that an inspection checklist needs to be filled out.

Due Every is how often you want the inspection records to be created. You can set this to days, months, or years.

Begins On is an optional field. If you set a date here then the pending inspection interval will be the same for ALL units assigned to this template. This is only used if you need to give the system a starting point to generate a number of pending records.

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