Add Parts And Labor To Work Order Tasks

Click on Work Orders on the left hand side menu to get to the Work Order Index.

Clicking on a Work Order number will bring you to the Work Order Detail screen.

Underneath each task you will see blue links for Add Parts and Add Labor.

Adding Parts

Clicking Add Parts will bring up a text box where we can type in the Part Number, Quantity, and Cost.

After setting a quantity, the cost will be automatically populated. If you have inventory tracking enabled, the system will look at the available Part Receipts for this part number, and pull the cost based on the available part receipt. More information about part receipts can be found in the Inventory section of the knowledge base.

Pressing Save will attach the part to this task. Notice that the Parts cost of the task now says $50 after saving. The system also gives you the option to keep adding more and more parts as needed. You can press Cancel to make the 'Enter part number' box disappear.

Once a part is added to a task, you will see an action gear to the right of the part number. This allows you to edit or delete the line item.

Adding Labor

The process for adding labor is very similar to adding parts. Simply click the Add Labor button underneath of the task name.

Type in the name of the employee or vendor doing the work on this task. You can set the number of hours for quantity. The labor rate is automatically pulled from the employee/vendor profile. You can overwrite the cost here before saving if you wish.

Once the labor is saved, you can click the action gear on the right to edit or delete the labor entry.

Adding Costs To Tasks Without Itemizing Parts Or Labor

You can add part costs and labor costs to tasks without itemizing part numbers or labor hours. This is useful if you want to add a 'general shop cost' to a task without individually specifying a part, employee, or vendor.

To do this, the task must not have any parts or labor already attached to it. The costs must be a blue color, which means they are clickable.

This is the pop-up you'll get when clicking $0.00 for parts cost. You will be able to specify any price you wish.

You can do the same with Labor.

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