Adding & Viewing Fuel Transactions

This article will go over how to manually add fuel transactions to a unit. If you wish to import a CSV file of fuel transactions, please refer to the Importing Fuel Transactions And Meter Readings article in the Initial Setup / Getting Started category.

You can add a fuel transaction to a unit from the Equipment Index. Click the action gear on the right hand side that corresponds to the unit you want to do this for and choose Fuel Transaction.

Note that you can also get to this menu option from the big plus sign on the top left.

This will bring you to the New Fuel Transaction screen.

The boxes with the red asterisk symbol are required. The rest are optional.

Equipment is the unit you are making the fuel transaction for. If a unit is not already filled in here you will need to choose one.

Fueled on is the date the transaction took place. You can backdate as needed.

Note: The next two boxes say Hours as this is the primary meter of this unit. If the primary meter of the unit is miles or kilometers it will show up here with that designation.
Last Hours is the last meter reading a fuel transaction took place. This field is optional and will usually only show up if a fuel transaction has never been made before for the equipment.

Current Hours is the meter reading of the unit for the current fuel transaction. If this number is higher than the current primary odometer reading of the unit, then the main odometer will be updated with the value entered here.

Gallons / Liters is the amount of fuel used for this transaction.

Vendor is who the fuel was purchased from.

State / Prov is where the transaction took place.

Price per Gallon / Liter is the price of the fuel for this transaction.

Custom Fields are optional and can be used to store extra data if you wish.

Save will enter this transaction in history. Save & New will do the same thing, but bring you back to this window to enter the next transaction.

Viewing Fuel Transaction History

To view past fuel transactions for a unit, click the unit's name from the Equipment Index. This will bring you to the Equipment Profile page. Click the History tab and click the Fuel category.

Here you can set a date range of transaction to view on the left. The blue New button on the right lets you create a new fuel transaction. You can also click on any row in the history screen to edit or delete a past transaction.

When editing an existing fuel transaction from history, you will see a Delete button on the bottom. You can use this to remove any erroneous or duplicate entries.


Fuel cost will show up under the Operating Cost, Fuel Cost and Fuel Detail reports.

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