Importing Fuel Transactions And Meter Readings

MPWEB has the ability to import CSV files of fuel transactions and meter readings. This saves time from having to input the numbers into the system by hand.

Fuel Import

The following data can be imported via CSV as fuel transaction.

Mandatory fields:

  • Equipment Unit ID (can substitute this with a Fuel Card # if needed)
  • Fuel Transaction Date
  • Primary Odometer Reading
  • Volume Of Fuel (how much fuel was used for the transaction)
  • Unit Price

Optional fields:

  • Vendor Name
  • State

Here is an example of what we're looking for:

A sample CSV file can be found here:

Turning On Fuel Import
If you don't already have fuel import enabled on your account, please send us a copy of the fuel file you wish to import. We will then configure the import settings and turn fuel import on. You can email this to Please include your organization name in the email.

Once import is enabled on your account you can test importing a CSV file of transactions. Click on the cloud icon with the up arrow on the top right and choose the fuel import option.

The system will ask you to choose the file you wish to import. Browse to the CSV file in the file explorer window and choose Open. The system will then process the import.

When the file is done processing, you will be able to see fuel transactions under the unit's history. To get here, click the unit from your equipment list, click the History tab and click the Fuel category.

If you wish to undo a fuel import, click the cloud icon and go to Manage. Click the import you wish to reverse and click the Undo Import button. There is a 72-hour time limit for undoing imports.

Meter Import

The same basic process applies to meter imports. Here are the values that can be imported via CSV:

  • Equipment Unit ID
  • Meter Reading Date
  • Primary Meter
  • Secondary Meter (optional if you do not use a secondary meter on your equipment).

Here is an example of what we are looking for:Here is a sample template file for Meter Updates:

You will need to send us a copy of your meter template via email to enable meter import. We'll configure the import settings for you and turn it on. Send the template to and include your Organization Name.

To perform a meter update, you would click the cloud icon and choose the Meter Import option. Choose the CSV file in the window that pops-up and click Open.

The import will process similar to the fuel import mentioned previously. You can also undo these imports within 72 hours if needed.

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