Update Equipment Meter

This article will go over how to manually update the meter for a unit. If you wish to import a CSV file of meter updates, please refer to the Importing Fuel Transactions And Meter Readings article in the Initial Setup / Getting Started category.

To update the meter reading of an individual unit, click on the action gear on the right of the equipment list and choose Update Meters.

Here you can type the new meter reading. Press the green Update button on the bottom to save the changes.

If you want to update multiple meter readings at once, click the 123 button on the top right and choose Update Meters.

You will be presented with multiple units to update at once.

Can I import a CSV file of meter readings instead of updating them manually?

Yes, this is possible via configuring the Meter Import option. We will need to turn this function on for you. More information can be found in the related article Importing Fuel Transactions And Meter Readings in the Initial Setup / Getting Started category of the knowledge base.

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