Purchase Orders

Our software includes the ability to issue a Purchase Order for a part in inventory. You will be able to enter in Part Receipts from the Purchase Order window.

To create a new Purchase Order:
You can click the + next to Purchase Orders: Fill out the required information and press "Save"

This will bring you to the Edit Purchase Order screen:
You can type to search the part you want to add:

You can set status on the top right, similar to a Work Order.
The Ordered quantity is automatically pulled from the Reorder Qty box in your Part's Settings: To edit the parts settings, simply click the blue edit button (top right):

And adjust your preferences:

You can receive the items by pressing "Receive":
Receiving less than what you ordered will change the PO status to "Received-Partial"

Closing the Purchase Order will automatically receive the rest of the quantity and add it to the Inventory of the part.

Inside the Part's history, you will see a receipt that corresponds to the quantity received from the Purchase Order.

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