User Activity Log

User Activity Log (Enterprise-Only Feature)

The new User Activity Log will allow you to view a list of changes that have been made to records inside of Maintenance Pro Web. The Activity Log will show you when equipment, work orders, and other records have been created, modified, or deleted.

To access this feature click the gear on the top right of the program and choose Activity Log.

A list of activities that have occurred within the past 30 days will appear. You can utilize the search box on the top right to find a specific record. Common searches would include Work Order numbers or Equipment IDs, so you can see if they have been edited or deleted recently.

An action filter is located on the top left to help narrow down your searches.

Utilize the search box on the top right to help find a specific record.

The Item column will provide a further description of the action. In the example below you can see that WO 20066 had a Part added.

Clicking on any row will display additional details of the activity.

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