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Inspection Template Setup
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Equipment Inspection History
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MPWEB allows you to create Inspection Templates. Each Inspection Template consists of its own checklist. Any assets that are assigned to an inspection template will be able to fill out the checklist.

Here is an example of an Inspection Checklist.

Each checklist item can be recorded as OK or Failed. If something failed you have the option of creating a repair request for the item to be addressed later by a Work Order.

Clicking Save on the bottom will save the inspection record to the asset's history that can be accessed at a later time.

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Inspection Template Setup

To create a new Inspection Template, click the gear on the top right and choose Inspection Templates.

You will be brought to the Inspection Template management screen. You can add, edit, or delete templates from here.

Click the blue New button on the top right to create a new template.

Choose a Name for the Inspection Template. Then click on Add Item to start building your checklist.

Once you click Add Item, you will get an empty text box to add something to your checklist. You can continue clicking Add Item to add more and more items. 

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Advanced Settings / Setup Recurring Inspections (Enterprise Only) 

If your MPWEB account is on the Enterprise subscription level you will have additional options available in the Advanced Settings section underneath the checklist items.

Checking 'require user to record meter reading' will force the user to enter an odometer reading on the inspection record when saving it.

If Recurring Inspections is filled out the system will automatically create a pending inspection record for the equipment in a specified time interval. Pending inspection records will appear in orange on the Home screen and Equipment List, letting you know that an inspection checklist needs to be filled out.

Due Every is how often you want the inspection records to be created. You can set this to days, months, or years.

Begins On is an optional field. If you set a date here then the pending inspection interval will be the same for ALL units assigned to this template. This is only used if you need to give the system a starting point to generate a number of pending records.

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Assign Inspection Template To Equipment

There are two ways to assign equipment to an inspection template. The first is through the Inspection Templates Management screen. Click the gear on the top right and go to Inspection Templates.

Click the action gear on the right and choose Add Equipment.

A list of units will appear. Check the units you wish to assign to the template and click Save on the bottom.

You can also attach inspection templates to equipment directly from the Edit Equipment screen. When editing equipment scroll down to the Settings section. You will see a place to add Inspection Templates.

Type the name of the inspection template into the box and click the blue row that appears underneath.

Click Save on the bottom of the page to save the changes.

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Record Inspection

Before an inspection can be completed for a unit the equipment must be attached to an Inspection Template. If an inspection template is not attached then the New Inspection action will be completely missing from the menus.

You can tell if an inspection template is attached by going to the Equipment Profile. Look for an Inspection Template entry on the bottom.

Creating A New Inspection

From the Equipment Index click the action gear on the right and choose Inspection. The name of the inspection template will also appear in the menu.

This will take you to the New Inspection screen.

Assignee is the person completing the inspection.

Date is when the inspection took place.

Enter the current odometer reading into the meter box. Any number entered here will be used to update the equipment's main odometer reading.

Add any extra information you would like to the Notes box.

All inspection checklist items will show up with an OK or Failed value. Choose OK if everything looks good for that item. Choose Failed if something is wrong and needs to be addressed.

Each failed checklist item will display a Remarks box where you can provide more details. For example, if something was marked Failed, you can explain what exactly is wrong.

Check the Create Repair Request option if you wish to make a new repair request to address the issue. Anything added to the Remarks box for the item will show up as notes on the repair request.

If there are no failures you can click the All OK button on the bottom to pass all items. 

Click Save when finished to save the inspection record.

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Repairs Created From Inspections

If any repairs were created, they will be entered into the equipment's Tasks as being immediately due. Note that the comments will appear as notes on the repair request. You can view these from the equipment task list by hovering your mouse over the i icon.

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Finish Pending Inspection

If an inspection record is only partially filled out, or if the template's settings call for recurring inspections and an inspection record was automatically created, a Pending Inspection will be attributed to the equipment.

Pending Inspections can be viewed from the home screen. Clicking the Inspect button will bring yo directly to the pending record to finish it.

You will also see a finish inspection menu item in the action gear for the equipment.

Clicking any of these will bring you to the pending inspection record. In this example the last item on the checklist was not filled out, which flagged the system that the pending inspection needed to be completed.

In the checklist screen you can fill out any remaining items and then click Save to complete the record.

If the record was created by accident, click the gear on the top right and choose Delete.

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Equipment Inspection History

To view existing Inspections, click on the unit's name from the Equipment Index. This will bring you to the equipment profile screen.

Click the History tab.

Click the Inspections category.

Choose the Date Range in the drop down box.

Click on any inspection date to view the record. 

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View All Inspections

We have provided a quick and easy way to view all inspection records in the system without having to go directly to equipment history. To view this, click Inspections on the left side menu.

Click the blue status filter on the top left for filtering options. This is useful if you only want to see recent inspections, or all failed inspections.

Utilize the search box on the top right to filter by a specific equipment ID.

Clicking on a row will take you directly to the inspection record. Here you can finish the inspection, or re-open an existing inspection and make changes.

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