Messages | Conversations

Introduced in version 3.0.5, the new Messages function of MPWEB allows you to view notifications and to send messages to other users within your organization. This article will go over the Conversation portion of this feature.

To access Messages, click on the Messages button on the left menu.

You can also click the bell icon on the top right, as shown here:

If the bell is empty and does not have any red numbers, you will immediately proceed to the next screen. If there are any pending notifications, you will need to click the View All button to get to the next screen.

On the next window, click on the Conversations tab.

Conversations Tab

Inside of the Conversation tab you have the ability to send messages to other MPWEB users in your organization. Any previous messages sent to you will be available in the list on the bottom.

To send a message to another user, choose their name from the drop down box, type in a message in the 2nd box, and click the blue Send Message button whenever you are ready to send.

The recipient will have a notification show up in the bell icon on the top right. 

Clicking the notification for the new message will bring them directly to the Conversations tab to view the text.

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