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Introduced in version 3.0.5, the new Messages function of MPWEB allows you to view notifications and to send messages to other users within your organization. This article will go over the Notification portion of this feature.

To access Messages, click on the Messages button on the left menu.

You can also click the bell icon on the top right, as shown here:

If you have any active notifications, such as a low stock notification, the bell icon will appear red with the number of unread notifications available to view.

Clicking the bell will display the notifications.

If a number of notifications are present you will have the option to View All and Clear All. 

Clear All will remove all notifications from the list. View All will bring you to the Messages screen and directly into the Notifications tab.

Notifications Tab

The notifications tab will show all events that relate to your user setup for notifications, such as Work Order creation for assigned locations/equipment and Low Stock inventory notifications.

Clicking the arrow on the right hand side will bring you to the record the notification is about, or show additional information about the notification.

Clicking the arrow on a Work Order assignment notification will bring you directly to the Work Order.

Clicking the arrow on a low stock notification will present more detail about part numbers and quantity.

Multiple part notifications may also display as a group.

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