Barcode Scanning

Maintenance Pro Web has the ability to read barcode scans for Inventory and Equipment. Here are the different ways barcode scanning can be used in the program:

  • Inventory List Lookup
    Scan a barcode on the inventory list. If there is a match between the UPC code on the part and the barcode scanner then that part will be displayed.
  • Add Part To Work Order
    Scan a barcode of a part inside of the Work Order screen. If a match is found then the part will automatically be added to the Work Order. This saves time from having to remember or type in the part number.
  • Equipment List Lookup
    Scan a barcode on the equipment list. If there is a match between the barcode scanned and a unit then that particular piece of equipment will be displayed.
  • Work Order List & Purchase Order List Lookup
    When printing out a Work Order or Purchase Order there is a barcode on the bottom. You can scan this barcode from the Work Order or Purchase Order lists to pull up the specific record.

How do you get a barcode scanner to work with MPWEB?

If you are using MPWEB from a desktop internet browser, the software will automatically pick up any barcode readings from a connected barcode device. If you can scan a barcode into Notepad and can see the digits then our system will be able to read from your scanner. Our recommended barcode scanner is the Symbol LS2208. However, any keyboard wedge style should work.

If you are using our MPWEB mobile application (from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store) then the app will use your phone or tablet camera to read barcodes directly into the program.

In our app look for the blue scan button, as shown here:

Barcode settings can be found in our software by clicking the gear icon on the top right and choosing Organization Profile. Then click the Barcode Settings tab. In the settings you can adjust scan timing and which scan field to use when scanning equipment.

How do you assign a barcode to a part?

If the part is not yet listed in your inventory, go ahead and scan the barcode with your device from the Inventory list. The software will see that this barcode does not already exist and prompt you to add a new part to the system.

For existing parts a barcode will need to be manually assigned. When editing a part from an internet browser you will see a Barcode box in the Vendors section. You can click into this box and then perform a scan to enter the code in.

Alternatively, if you are in the mobile application you can click on a part in your inventory list. Then click the gear icon on the top right and choose 'Scan Key'.

How do you scan a part into a Work Order?

On the desktop browser you can click the 'add part' button and then scan the part using your barcode scanner.

On the mobile app you can click the blue 'Scan Part' link. This will use the device's camera to scan the barcode into the specific Work Order task.

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