Purchase Orders: Add Parts To Existing Purchase Order

The ability to add parts to Purchase Orders is highly dependent on the current status of the Purchase Order (or PO for short).

You will find the Status on the top right of a Purchase Order record. Parts can only be added if the Purchase Order record is in the Requisition status.

You will also see a column for the Status on the Purchase Order Index.

Here are the available statuses for a Purchase Order record:

Requisition means that the Purchase Order was created and the parts have not been ordered yet.

Ordered means that an order has been placed with the vendor.

Received Partial means that some of the parts are marked as received, but not all. You won't see this box on the top right unless this scenario applies to this specific PO record.

Close means that the PO is fulfilled and all parts have been received.

Here are the steps to re-open the Purchase Order in each scenario so you can add new parts in:

If the Purchase Order is in Ordered status, click the status box for Requisition on the top right. The Add Inventory button will then show up again so you can continue adding parts.

If the Purchase Order is in Received - Partial this means that some of the parts have been received on this PO record. You will need to click Mark Unreceived on all parts and then set the status back to Requisition. If you do not un-receive the parts, the other status buttons won't light up and can't be clicked on.

If the Purchase Order has already been Closed, you will need to click the Re-Open Purchase Order button.

Then click Mark Unreceived on each line item.

Then click Requisition.

Now Inventory can be added again to this PO.

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