Delete Parts From Inventory List

To delete a part from your Inventory list, click on the part number in the Inventory Index to get to the Edit Part screen.

Note that you can also click the gear to the right of the part name and choose the Edit option.

Scroll down to the bottom. You will see a Delete button next to Save.

The Delete button is missing. How do you bring it back?

Here is an example of a part where the delete button is missing on the edit screen.

Notice the sentence underneath the Save button. If a part has been utilized at all, the Delete button will no longer be an option. Because of this, only new parts or recently added parts are considered candidates for deletion.

The reasoning for this is that our system tracks part usage history. If any usage history for the part exists, the part issuances would need to be removed first before Delete is an option again. For example, if I want the delete button to show up on the part in the screenshot above, I would need to find which Work Order has the part listed and remove it from that Work Order.

If you have Inventory Tracking enabled, you can open the Part Detail screen and click the Issuances button to see where the part has been used.

What if the part has been used for a long time? Do I need to remove all issuance records in order to Delete the part?

If a part has been used for a while, it's possible to have a large number of records in the Issuances tab. Unfortunately, this makes it very difficult to completely delete the part record from the system. It would not be feasible to remove all issuance records. And, we more than likely do want to keep track of the usage history to see where the part was used in the past, even if it will no longer be used in the future.

Workaround: Part Inactivation

Our recommendation is to 'inactivate' the part. There is not a specific inactivation button to click on. However, follow the steps below to essentially hide the part.

  • On the Edit Part screen, rename the part number so it has a z in the front. This will make it show up on the bottom of the list, and will serve as a visual indicator that the part should no longer be used.
  • Create a Warehouse called Inactive Parts and move the part to that Warehouse.
  • When editing Employees, you can specify which warehouses they have access to. You can uncheck the 'Inactive Warehouse' to hide those items. Note that you may need to re-check it again if you need to inactivate more parts and move parts to that warehouse at a future date.

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