Part Issuances: How To Decrease Quantity

If Inventory Tracking is enabled on a part, the quantity of the part will automatically decrease when the part is used for Work Orders or Expenses. However, there may be times where you want to decrease or lower quantity of the part for other reasons. Part Issuances are a way of decreasing part quantity without having to create a Work Order or Expense.

From the Inventory index screen, click the action gear on the right and choose Issuance.

Likewise, from the Edit Part screen you can click the Issuances tab and then click the blue Issue Part button on the top right.

This will bring you to the New Issuance screen.

You can choose Equipment to issue the part to if you wish. However, this is optional. You do NOT need to select equipment if you want to decrease inventory.

The Date box will auto-populate with today's date, but you can backdate if you wish.

Quantity is the amount you want to decrease your part's on-hand stock by.

You can enter a reason for the Issuance or other notes about it into the Description box.

Click Save when finished.

As an example, my part 007 had a quantity on hand of 5. I created a Part Issuance for a quantity of 1. Now my quantity on hand is decreased to 4. Looking at the Issuances tab you will be able to see the date the quantity was removed and the reason for the issuance.

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