Generating Bulk Work Order Records

MPWEB has the option to generate Bulk Work Orders. Using this feature will allow you to create multiple Work Orders at the same time for equipment that have due tasks.

To get to this option, click on the blue + sign on the top left of the screen. This button is viewable from most of the index screens, such as your equipment list or work order index. Once you click the + sign, choose the option for Bulk Work Orders.

This will bring you to the Issue Work Orders screen.

All units that have outstanding tasks due will show up in the list.

You can click the location filter on the top if you only wish to view equipment from a specific location.

On the left there is a check box next to each unit. Each unit that is checked will have a separate Work Order created for it. You can un-check any units that you do not wish to create a Work Order for.

You will see a blue link to the right of the equipment name with the number of tasks. You can put your mouse over this to show which tasks are currently due.

The Due Date column allows you to specify a due date that the Work Order needs to be completed by. Setting this is optional.

Likewise, the Priority column allows you to set a priority for the Work Order. This is optional and can be left at NORMAL if desired.

You can set an Assignee for the Work Order in the last box on the right.

On the very bottom underneath the Save button is a Print Work Order checkbox option. Checking this and clicking Save will generate a PDF for each Work Order that's created. You can then print or save the PDF as you wish.

Clicking Save will create the Work Order records.

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