Viewing Equipment Maintenance Task History

To view an equipment's maintenance task history, click Equipment on the left menu to get to the Equipment Index. Then, click on the unit you wish to view.

Click the History tab. Click the Work Orders category if it is not already selected. Below this, set the date range with the drop down box underneath.

All Work Order records for this unit will display for the date range selected. You will see a column for Tasks which show the individual task names. To get more detail, click on any row to view the Work Order itself.

Maintenance History Report

You can view maintenance history through our Reports as well. Click Reports on the left and choose Maintenance Detail. You can use the Search box on the top right to search for the unit or task name. This list can be saved as a CSV file as well by clicking the button to the right of the search box (three horizontal lines) and choosing Export to CSV. 

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