How To Re-Open A Closed Work Order

MPWEB has the ability to re-open closed Work Order tickets. This will come in handy if a Work Order had a mistake that needs fixing, or a task that needs to be added or removed.

First, we will need to pull up the closed Work Order. Click Work Orders on the left to get to the Work Order Index screen. From here, click the status on the top and change it to say Closed.

You will see a list of Closed Work Orders. Use the search box on the top right to find the Work Order number or Unit ID associated with the Work Order. Click the row for the Work Order to get to the edit screen.

As an alternative, you can open the Equipment Detail screen, click the History tab, and click the Work Order row here.

You will now be at the Work Order Detail screen. Click the button on the top right for Re-Open Work Order.

Doing so will change the Work Order status and allow you to make edits or changes as needed. After all changes are made, click Complete on the top right to re-close the Work Order.

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