Complete / Close Work Orders

At this point, we have created a Work Order for a unit and populated the Work Order with tasks. We've added parts and labor to the tasks as needed. Now we need to tell Maintenance Pro Web that the Work Order tasks are completed, and we wish to close the Work Order out.

Whenever a Work Order is completed, the tasks are then moved to the equipment's maintenance history. The part and labor costs will also show up on maintenance reports for the unit in question.
Let's start by viewing an open Work Order ticket:
You will want to review the WO contents to make sure all tasks and costs are accurate and accounted for. To close the Work Order ticket, click the Complete button on the top right.

You will be presented with a Close Work Order dialog box. It will ask for the date and time of completion. If your equipment has a meter setup, such as hours or miles, it will ask for the odometer reading as well.

Once you click Save the status will change to Closed. 

All tasks will be marked as completed and will appear in the unit's Maintenance History.

Partially Completing A Work Order

Let's say that only some of the tasks are completed on the Work Order, but not all. You'll notice that underneath each task name is an option called Mark Complete.

Clicking on this will mark the individual task complete, but leave the other ones open. This way you can accurately track progress to see how far along you are to finishing the Work Order.

Once Mark Complete is clicked for any task, the Work Order status will automatically update to In Progress on the top right. A green check will appear to the left of the task name, showing that this particular task h as been done. You also have the option to Mark Incomplete if the task was completed by accident.

Marking an individual task as complete does not put the task into the unit's history. This is only done when the entire Work Order ticket is completed.

The progress bar on the top right will update with how many total tasks are marked complete. In this example, 1 out of 2 tasks is marked complete so the progress is 50%.

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