Creating A New Work Order

There are a number of ways to create a new Work Order record in MPWEB. We will go over all of them so that you are familiar with the different methods. In practice, you may use only one or two methods listed here.

From The Home Screen

The first method is the most easily accessible. Whenever equipment has recurring maintenance tasks or repair requests that are soon due or overdue, you will be presented with a New WO button on the home screen under Equipment Notifications.

Clicking New WO will bring you to the new WO screen, and will automatically include the tasks that are showing up as due.

If you wish to view the tasks before creating the Work Order, click the blue down arrow to the left of the unit ID.

This will give you a better idea of what items will show up on your new Work Order record.

From The Work Orders Button On The Left

On the left hand side menu, if you put your mouse over Work Orders you will see a plus sign appear.

Clicking on the + sign will bring you to the new Work Order screen.

From The Equipment List

On your equipment list, you can click the action gear on the right to find a New Work Order option.

You can also click the blue link in the Tasks column that says Issue Work Order.

New Work Order Screen

Utilizing one of the three methods above to create a WO will bring you to the New Work Order screen.

The first box for Equipment is where you specify the unit you wish to create a WO for. This will be pre-populated if you created a WO from the home screen or the action gear on the equipment index.

Assignee is who you wish to be responsible for completing the Work Order. You can have up to two values here, gathered from your employee list or vendor list. Note that this doesn't necessarily mean who is performing labor. You can add labor separately onto each task later, and the person/vendor doing the labor does not have to be the assignee.

You can enter a date when the Work Order will be started in the Scheduled box.

You can enter a date in the Due box for when the WO should be completed by.

You can set a Priority of the WO if you wish, to make it stand out from your other Work Order tickets.

You can set a Type so you know what the Work Order is basically about. Used more as a reference.

Initial Notes can be added to the WO and it used as a reference.

Please note that the majority of these fields are optional. The only items 100% required to create the Work Order is the unit ID on the top, and the tasks on the bottom.

Adding Tasks

On the bottom will be a list of Soon Due or Overdue tasks. You can check as many of these are you'd like to add them to this WO. If no tasks are listed, or if you want to add something different, click the Add Task button.

Note that you can type anything you'd like into this box. If there is a task that already exists as a recurring task for this unit, it will pull up as an option as soon as you start typing the name. Otherwise, you can type a new value into this box and choose the 'Add' option in blue when done typing.

The typed-in tasks will show up like this:

You can press Cancel on the right if you wish to remove one of the lines.

Click Save on the bottom when finished to create the WO ticket.

Saving will bring us directly to the Work Order Detail screen. Here we can add parts and labor, set the WO status, add additional tasks, and more.

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