Import Tasks & Task Update Utility

MPWEB has the ability to copy individual tasks and renewals from one unit to another unit. This comes in handy if you are assigning tasks individually per equipment or per asset.

Please note that managing a large number of tasks is much easier via using Maintenance Templates. Maintenance Templates are designed to link one set of tasks to multiple units, and making changes to the template affects all units. Whenever possible, we recommend utilizing maintenance templates are they much easier to manage. However, in the event you wish to copy over renewals (which are not management by templates) or individual tasks to multiple units, you may find the task import feature helpful.

Note: This function is a way to copy tasks/renewals between equipment. It is not a way to import tasks from a spreadsheet or other program. We do not have a way to import a task list from outside of our software at this time.

In order to import tasks from one asset to another, both the primary and secondary meter configuration must exactly match. If equipment 1 has Hours set to primary, and equipment 2 has Hours for primary and Miles for secondary, the import will not work. They must both be exactly the same (in this example, both having Hours as primary meter with no secondary would work).

Import Tasks To One Unit Only

Go to the Equipment Index and click the unit you wish to add tasks to. This will bring you to the Equipment Profile. Click on the Tasks tab. Click the blue New button on the right and choose Import Tasks.

This will bring you to the Import Tasks screen.

Import From is a list of all units that match the meter configuration of the equipment. In this case, 001 has Miles for primary and Hours for secondary, so every unit in the list matches that. Choose the unit you want to copy tasks from.

On the right are your Tasks to import. You can leave them all checked to bring everything over to our equipment, or you can just check the ones you like and ignore others.

If you have Import Notes, Parts & Labor Hours checked, then this information will be pulled in. For example, if on 003 test the 'Change Tires' task has labor set to 2 hours, then my new task on 001 after importing will have the same labor value. If you leave this unchecked, then the tasks will be added but notes/steps, part associations, and estimated labor will be blank (and you can add your own later if you wish).

Click on Import to bring the tasks over. You'll get a pop-up when it's done.

You will be brought back to the same import screen to import additional tasks from a different unit if you wish. If you try to import a task of the same name, you'll get an error. Each task needs to be unique and have their own name.

Now when I go back to unit 001 and look at my tasks, I can see that the ones I imported as now present. They have the same maintenance intervals that were setup on the unit I imported them from.

Task Update Utility

If you want to import tasks on a grand scale, you can use the Task Update Utility. Through this tool you can import tasks from one unit to multiple other units at the same time. To access it, click the gear on the top right and choose Task Update Utility.

On the left, under Import From, choose the unit that already has the tasks that you want to give to the other units.

Default Last Performed Date is the value that will be assigned to the units on the right for these tasks, as to the last time they were performed.

If you check Import Notes, Parts & Labor Hours then these items from 001 Test (in this example) will follow the tasks when they get copied.

You can check any number of Tasks to import that you wish to bring over to other equipment.

On the right is the Import To section. This is the equipment that the tasks will be added to.

Clicking the Import button will copy the tasks checked on the left, to the units checked on the right.

In the example above, the Change Tires task currently belongs to 001 Test. On the right, I have checked units C452 and E127. When I click the Import button, the task Change Tires will be copied to C452 and E127.

Once you click the Import button you will get to the Bulk Task Import screen.

It will process all of the changes. This may take some time if you copied over a lot of tasks. When finished, it will tell you what was done.

In our example here, we were able to copy the Change Tires task to unit C452. However, we were unable to do so for E127, as the meter configuration did not match up.

If you wish to undo the import due to errors or if you added a task in by mistake, click the red Undo Import button on the bottom right. This Undo button is only available for 72 hours after the task update has been done. Clicking Undo would remove the Change Tires task from unit C452 that was successfully added in our import example above.

If you need to get back to the Undo screen at a later point, click the gear and go to Task Update Utility again. On the bottom, click the History button.

Click on a row to get to that task update record, which will bring you back to the Undo button.

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