Linked Tasks

In some instances you may want to set up a PM Schedule which includes linked recurring tasks.  For example, a PM Schedule may include a 5,000-mile service and a 10,000-mile service.  When you add the 10,000-mile service to a work order, you want to automatically include all those tasks on the 5,000-mile service as well.

This works similar to the parent/child tasks, in that if the parent task is added, then the children tasks are added too. However, with linked tasks, only the tasks that fit within the task you are posting will get added. 

Lets make this easier to understand with an example. I will add 5k, 10k and 20k tasks and link them together. Then we'll see how it acts when posting to a Work Order.

Note: When linking tasks together, they must have intervals that are divisible. I can link 5k and 10k and 20k together because 5k fits in 10k, and 10k fits in 20k. I would not want to try and link a 7k and 10k task together for example. It simply won't be an option. Linked Tasks may only use the primary meter as a tracking parameter, and the linked task tracking value must be divisible by the current task tracking value.

Here is my 5k task. Notice that the Linked Task box is not filled in.

Here is my 10k task. Notice I have chosen the 5k Service in the Linked Task box.

Here is my 20k task. I have the option of linking either the 5k or 10k to this. I decided to link the 10k. You will see why in a moment.

If I save these and go back to the tasks list, I can see the link icon, telling me these are linked together.

Now that the tasks are saved, lets try to add them to a Work Order.

Adding 5k by itself does not introduce any other tasks into the picture.

Adding a 10k service automatically includes the 5k.

Now we will make a new Work Order and add only the 20k task to it.

All three tasks are present.

Since the 20k task is linked to the 10k task, then 10k gets added. Since the 10k task is also linked to the 5k task, then this gets added.

Is it possible to remove the 5k task from showing up sometimes, when adding a 20k task or 10k task?

Since these tasks are all linked together, there's not a way to get the 5k task to not show up automatically. However, you CAN remove the task from the Work Order that you no longer want by clicking the red x to the right of the task.

Now the Work Order only has the 10k and 20k tasks.

Likewise, I can delete the 20k if I want and just keep the 10k.

The linking feature is meant to make it easier to bring multiple tasks together onto a Work Order that need to be there. It is completely optional to use. The Work Order system is also flexible enough to remove linked items if they aren't needed.

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