Parent & Child Tasks

MPWEB has the ability to setup Parent and Child tasks. This is useful if you have a number of separate tasks that always 'go together'. 

For example, if I have a parent task called 'General Cleaning', I can add some child tasks called 'Clean Windshield' and 'Clean Interior'. Whenever I post the 'General cleaning' task to a Work Order, the other child tasks will automatically be added.

Lets go ahead and set this up.

Step 1 - Add Your Parent Task First

You can set all of this up individually per asset via equipment profile and tasks tab. Or, you can set this up on a Maintenance Template. I will be setting this up individually for a vehicle as an example.

Lets add our parent task. Note that it must be a Recurring Task.

Set everything up as you normally would, with the appropriate tracking parameters. We will leave the Parent Task box empty for now. I am setting this up for 90 day intervals. 

I am adding 'Parent Task' to the beginning of the name for clarity, just for this example. You don't have to do that with yours (you can name them however you'd like). The name will show up on the Work Order.

Save when done.

Step 2 - Add The Child Tasks

Now we can add the child items. Make another new recurring task. 

You can name it however you'd like. Make sure to specify the Parent / Master task in the Parent Task box.

Note that doing so makes the meter tracking inactive. This is because this task relies on the parent task's tracking parameters, as they all 'go together' on the Work Order.

I have added a few tasks underneath the parent task. If I go back to my Tasks tab, you will see a plus sign to the left of the Parent task.

Clicking the + will show all of the child tasks underneath. If a child task is on its own and not underneath, then you will need to edit the child task and make sure the Parent Task box is filled in.

Step 3 - Add To Work Order

Now we will test adding our task to a Work Order. If you haven't reviewed the work order articles yet, you can easily create one from this screen by clicking the gear on the top right and choosing Work Order.

Add the Parent Task to the Work Order and click Save.

Notice that all of the child tasks automatically get included on the Work Order.

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