Part Associations

MPWEB has the ability to link parts with certain tasks. This means that every time a specific recurring task is added to a Work Order, the associated parts are automatically added as well. This saves time so that you do not have to manually add the parts.

Part associations work best for tasks that always use the same part. For example, performing an oil change for a vehicle will usually include the same type of oil and oil filter part.

Here is an example on how to set this up.

Find The Task You Wish To Add Part Associations To

Tasks can be added to equipment individually or via an assigned maintenance template. 

To edit individual tasks, go to the Equipment Index, click the equipment's name to get to the Equipment Profile screen. Click the Tasks tab. Then, click the name of the task you wish to edit.

To edit a template task, click the gear on the top right and choose Maintenance Templates.

Click the template you wish to edit.

Then click the name of the task you wish to make changes to.

Adding Part Associations

On the bottom of the edit task screen you will see a button for Add Parts. Click on this to add a part number to this task. You will also need to enter a quantity and a price. If you enter a quantity of 5 for $10, then every time this task is added to a work order 5 of the part will be added at $10 each, or $50 total.

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