Equipment Renewal / Expiration Setup

MPWEB has the ability to track renewals. These include things like motor vehicle inspections, registrations, certifications, etc. They are sometimes referred to as expirations.

  • Renewals are tracked in the system by date only. They cannot be tracked by meter (miles/kilometers/hours).

To add a renewal, click on a unit from your Equipment Index to get to the equipment profile screen. Click the Tasks tab.

Click Renewal. This will bring you to the Add a Renewal screen.

The Name field tells you what the renewal is for, such as registration, inspection, etc.

You can set the Due date of when the renewal needs to be completed by.

Advance Notice is how soon you want to be notified of the renewal. The larger the number, the further in advance this will show up on your Equipment list as Soon Due.

Click Save to save the renewal to the equipment task. Click Save & New if you wish to add more than one renewal.

If you wish to edit or delete a renewal, you can do so through the equipment's Task tab. 

Addressing Renewals

Now that we added our License & Registration renewal, it's showing up on the Equipment Index as we left the due date as today.

Clicking the blue arrow to the left of the unit name shows us what's due. We have two ways of addressing the renewal.

  • Move forward the renewal date so it is no longer due.
  • Create a Work Order as you would for any other due task.

To simply move forward the renewal date, click the row for the renewal underneath the unit (as shown above). This will bring you to the renewal edit screen. Here you can move forward the date so it is no longer due.

Note that by doing this, there will be no history in the system that the renewal was addressed. You are simply moving the date forward to remind yourself of the renewal for next time.

If you wish to retain history that the renewal was done, you will need to create a Work Order for it. From the Equipment Index you can click the Issue Work Order button. The renewal will automatically be added to our new Work Order record.

Completing the renewal will add it to our unit's history.

However, please be aware that adding a renewal to a Work Order and completing it will remove the renewal from the Tasks tab. As it's not a normal recurring task, the renewal is simply removed when it has been addressed. Make sure to go back to Tasks and add a new renewal in its place if needed.

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