Scheduling & Tracking Repairs

You can create Repair Requests for any equipment inside of MPWEB. A repair request is a maintenance task that needs to be performed on equipment independent of any normally recurring tasks or PM tasks. For instance, if a piece of equipment broke down and it needs to be fixed right away, you would create a repair request to address the break down as soon as possible.

To make a new repair request, go to your Equipment Index. Click the action gear to the right of the equipment in question and choose Repair Request.

This will bring you to the New Repair Request screen.

The Equipment field should already be filled in if you created the repair request from the equipment index. If not, choose a unit from the drop down.

Repair is where you type in the name of the repair to be done. If the repair name does not already exist, type the name you wish to use and click the blue Add bar (as shown above). 

Due by defaults to today's date, to show it as an overdue item in the system that needs to be addressed. If the repair can be completed at a later date, choose the due date here. You can set it as far in advance as you would like. Once the due date arrives, and the repair has not yet been addressed, it will show as overdue on the equipment list.

Requestor is the person requesting the repair.

Repair type can be thought of as a repair category, such as body work, electrical, etc. However, you can use this field in any way that fits your organization.

Priority is used to help you determine how severe this repair request is compared to other requests, so you know which items are higher priority than others and need to be completed first.

Notes is a place to add any extra details about the repair request.

By clicking Add Picture you can upload a picture of a broken item to help clearly show what needs to be addressed.

Click Save to save the repair request to the system. Save & New is used if you wish to immediately enter a second repair after the first is saved.

Viewing The Repair Request

Now that the repair request has been entered, since I left the due date as today it shows up on my Equipment Index as due.

If I open the equipment profile and click the Tasks tab I can see the repair request.

I can click on the repair request name to view details or to make any adjustments.

There is a Delete button on the bottom of the Update Repair Request screen if it was entered by accident or no longer needs to be taken care of.

Now that the repair request is active a Work Order can be issued to address and complete the repair.

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