Maintenance Template Setup | Assign Equipment

There are two ways to assign equipment to an existing Maintenance Template. We will go over both methods below.

Please note that the equipment meter configuration must exactly match the meter configuration for the maintenance template, or else you will not be able to assign the template and it will not show up as an option.

Assigning From Edit Equipment Screen

From the Equipment Index, click the action gear on the right hand side and choose Edit.

Scroll down to the Settings section. You will see a Maintenance Template drop down. Click this drop down box to choose a template from the list.

Once a template is chosen, press the Save button on the bottom to save the changes.

Assigning From Maintenance Template Management

You are able to assign multiple units to a Maintenance Template through the Maintenance Template Management screen. To get there, click the gear icon on the very top right and choose Maintenance Templates.

Click on the action gear to the right that corresponds with the template you wish to add units to. Click the option Add Equipment.

Here you will see a list of equipment that's eligible to assign this Maintenance Template to. In order for a unit to show up on this list, the following must be true:

  • The unit must not already belong to another Maintenance Template. If this is the case, you must remove the unit from the existing template first before you can assign it to a new one.
  • The Primary and Secondary Meter Configuration must BOTH exactly match between the settings on the Maintenance Template and the primary/secondary meter on the Edit Equipment screen.

Check the equipment you wish to add to the template and press Save to assign. You can check as many units as you wish.

Removing Equipment From A Maintenance Template

This can also be done from the Maintenance Template Management screen. Click the action gear on the right and choose Remove Equipment.

Select the equipment you wish to remove from this template. Press Save when finished.

You can also remove a maintenance template through the Edit Equipment screen by clicking the Maintenance Template drop down box and pressing the Backspace button on the keyboard.

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