Getting Message 'Name has already been taken' When Adding New Equipment

When adding new equipment this message appears:

This is happening because the unit # already exists in some form or fashion in your MPWEB organization.

Make sure you are looking at your equipment index with the All status and All Location filters set. It's possible the unit already exists and is active.

If you do not see the unit here, then it's possible the unit previously existed and was deleted. Click on the blue text for equipment status and change it to Deleted.

If the unit you are trying to add exists with a Deleted status, you can use the Undelete option which will bring it back into your normal equipment index. Or you can choose the Destroy option, which will remove all history of the deleted unit and completely remove it from the system. This will free up the unit # so you can re-add it later. Note that there is not a way to undo the destroy function.

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