Deleting Equipment

To delete equipment, click on the equipment name from the Equipment Index to get to the Profile screen. Then, click the gear icon on the top right and choose Delete.

Clicking on Delete will pop-up with a confirmation box. Click Yes or OK to continue with the delete process.

Once you press OK, the unit will be removed from the Active equipment list. I am unable to see the equipment now when searching for it.

However, the unit still existing in MPWEB under a Deleted status. This is done as a safe guard so that equipment is not accidentally permanently deleted from the system.

To view equipment with a Deleted status, click the blue filter underneath the Equipment heading and choose Deleted.

Here you can view units that have been previously deleted. 

Under the Actions column you have two options:

Undelete will undo the deletion and bring the equipment back to your normal equipment index.

Destroy will permanently remove the unit from the system. Note that there is no undo button for this. You will be presented with an additional confirmation, making sure you really want to remove the equipment completely. Doing so will free up the unit # so that it can be used for new equipment records.

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