Setting Up Equipment Locations

Each piece of equipment in MPWEB is assigned to a Location. Locations are used as a way of organizing your equipment list, so you can easily see where your equipment resides. Each location can also contain sub-categories for further organization.

To view locations from the equipment index screen, click on the button to the left of the Equipment heading at the top left. 

This will display a list of locations on the left hand side.

Adding & Modifying Locations

On the top right, click the gear icon and choose Locations.

This will bring you to a list of locations that are currently setup for your organization.

To add a new location click the blue New button on the top right. This will bring you to the New Location window.

You can name the location whatever you wish. You will be able to see the location name in many different areas of MPWEB, so make sure it makes sense to your organization.

The tax rates here are automatically applied to new Work Orders created for units that belong to this location. Each location can have its own tax rates independent of the others.

If the Tax on labor option is checked, then tax calculations for Work Orders for these units will implement a tax rate on both parts & labor. If you do not want to tax labor, leave this unchecked.

Categories allows you to setup sub-categories of equipment in the location. Click on the word Categories (with the arrow) to show the add/remove options.

Categories are a great way of organizing equipment within a location.

To edit an existing location, click on the row on the main Locations screen. For example, clicking on Tampa Distribution here will bring me back to the edit screen.

Quick Access Tip

You can also click the gear icon on the bottom of the location sidebar to quickly access the Add and Edit options for locations and categories.

Deleting Locations

You can only delete locations that do not contain any equipment.

To delete a location, click on the location name from the list and choose the Delete option.

If the location you are trying to delete contains equipment, you will see a message in place of the delete button.

You will need to relocate the equipment to a different location in order to remove it from the system.

Assigning Locations To Equipment

When adding a new unit or editing an existing one, you will see a Location/Category section under Additional Details

The location name will show up in bold. Categories show up as normal text underneath the location name. You cannot click the location name directly (in bold), but you can choose a sub-category of that location.

Using Location Filters On Equipment Index

On the equipment index you can filter by location a few different ways. On the top, underneath the bold Equipment heading, you can select a location you wish to view. This filters out your equipment list to only display the units that belong to this location.

Notice that the blue text changes depending on which location was selected. 

You can also click the location name on the left hand side. Remember to click the button next to Equipment on the top (the one with the three lines) to see this side bar.

To view subcategories (and to filter by them) click the arrow to the right of the location name.

You can click on a subcategory name to highlight it in bold. On the right, the equipment index will only show units that belong to the location AND category. In the example above I am viewing equipment in the Tampa Distribution location in the Trailers category.

Notice also that each category on the left shows a circle with a number. This tells you how many units are in the category.

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