Importing Data Into Maintenance Pro


Instead of manually entering records into Maintenance Pro, users have the option to import data using the CSV import process. Data can be imported using the instructions provided below or seek assistance by contacting

Data that can be imported:

  • Employee Lists
  • Equipment Lists
  • Inventory / Parts Lists
  • Vendor Lists
  • Maintenance Templates

The following information can also be imported via CSV, by sending a sample file first in order to configure the import settings:

Fuel Transactions (unit #, date, meter reading, volume, unit price, vendor name, state)

Meter Updates (unit #, date, meter reading 1, meter reading 2)

Desktop Software Migration Assistance

If you are migrating from one of our desktop applications, please contact us at and we'll assist with importing data. A backup .zip file of your existing database must be provided in order to import the data records into Maintenance Pro.

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Remove Existing Sample Data

When a Maintenance Pro account is first created, sample equipment and parts will be provided to help to experiment with the program. These sample records can be removed from the system to ensure that only actual equipment, parts, etc., are present in the account.

To remove sample data, click the gear on the top right and go to Organization Profile.

Click the button to Remove Sample Data on the top left.

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CSV Import Instructions

First, make sure you have downloaded and filled out the CSV templates listed in our Overview section. To initiate the import process, click on the cloud icon and select the type of data you intend to import.

The next screen will show some results from the CSV file. You will need to specify the type of data for each column by using dropdown menus provided.

Once all necessary columns have been provided, click the Start button. The system will begin importing the data.

The system will show processing at first, then the status will change to Complete. The system will let you know if any errors were encountered.

Note: You do not have to wait for the import to finish processing to continue using the program. You can leave the screen and the system will keep processing the file in the background. If you wish to check on the status of a previous import, click the cloud icon on the top right and choose Manage.

Here is an example of a successful import:

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Manage Imports

To view previous imports, click the cloud icon with the up arrow and choose Manage.

Here you will be able to view any previously performed imports. 

Click any import row to view details.

Maintenance Pro has the ability to reverse imports for up to 72 hours via the Undo Import button. This will remove any records from the import file in the system. This is particularly useful if equipment or parts were being imported and a column was missed or the wrong value. The import and re-import can be undone at a later time.

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