Setting Up Employees & Users | Add A New Employee

Review our video tutorial on how to set up MPWEB users at this link:

In order to setup employees in the system, click on Employees on the left hand side menu.

Here you'll be able to see all employees setup in your system. You can edit your employee list as needed. To add a new employee click the New button on the top right.

Employee Records And User Account Login Information
Inside of MPWEB you have the option of adding an employee record that does NOT have a login to the system. This means you can utilize them as a technician for Work Orders, or assign items to them. However, because Allow Login is set to No they will not have an email/password to login to the MPWEB interface. Employee records setup in this manner will not take up a user license.

If you wish for an employee to have their own 'login' account to access MPWEB, set Allow Login to Yes.

The system will ask for an email address to link to their account. This email address will be the way the employee will sign into Once the employee record is saved an Invitation Email will be sent from us to their address.

In the Type box you have the following choices:

Admin - Full access to everything in the program. No restrictions.
Standard - More limited access to the program. You will get a checklist of what the user can and cannot acces.
Operator - This is considered a driver/operator of the equipment and will have very limited functions. Operator users can only view the equipment list, update equipment odometers, fill out an inspection checklist, and fill out a manual fuel transaction.

Invitation Email

On the Invitation Email, have the employee click the Join Organization button.

Clicking that link will bring the employee to the Set Password screen.

There are no password requirements at this time (such as uppercase/lowercase/number/symbol/length). You can use any value you'd like for your password. Click Create Account once a password has been set. 

Once this has been done, the user will be able to login to the MPWEB system with their email address and password. Login via or through one of our mobile apps.

I Haven't Received An Invitation Email

If the new employee has not received an invitation mail, please double check the email address on their account for accuracy. The invitation email will come from Make sure the email did not end up in the junk or spam folders. If you wish to resend the invitation, click their name from the Employees list and click the 'Resend Invitation' button on the top right.

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