Customizing Your View | Search & Sort

MPWEB has the ability to search for specific items within a data set. This is done by utilizing the search box on the top right of the screen.

You will find this search box on most pages. Typing into the search box will narrow down the rows and include only those that match the search criteria. In this example, I've searched for a specific equipment model.

I'm also able to search by serial number if needed, since my serial number column is currently displayed:

The search box is a great tool if you need to find data quickly.

Note: If there are a small number of rows to search, typing into the search box will give you real-time results. However, if the amount of rows that need to be searched is larger, then you will need to press the Enter key after typing into the search box to obtain your search results.

Locking A Search Value
The 'lock' icon on the right of the search box is used to save your search value as you are navigating between screens. For example, clicking on a search result and then going back to the main Equipment screen will clear out the search box. If I 'lock' the search box, then my search value stays the same and doesn't change. You can toggle between locked/unlocked by clicking the padlock icon.

Sorting Data By Column
You can sort data by any specific column by clicking the column header's name at the top of the list. You can tell which column is being used for sorting based on the small up or down arrow next to the heading name. You can toggle between ascending or descending sort by clicking the column header a second time. The arrow pointing up or down tells you whether the results are sorted by ascending or descending order.

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