Accessing Maintenance Pro Web

Maintenance Pro Web is a cloud-based web software. Because of this, it is very easy to login to your MPWEB account from any place where you have access to internet. Here are a few of the ways you can sign into your account.

Desktop or Laptop Computer
Open any internet browser and go to You will be presented with a sign-in screen.

Android or iOS Tablet / Phone
Browse the App Store or Google Play Store for the MPWEB application. The icon will look like the blue wrench below, and the company name for the app will be Innovative Maintenance Systems.

Using our app on your device will allow for the best experience, as the screen and menus will adjust as needed for mobile devices.

All Other Devices
Any device with an internet connection and an internet browser can be used to login. As an alternate to our 'apps' above, you can use your mobile web browser, or tablet web browser, and access to get into your account.

Do I need to download anything to my computer to run the program?
MPWEB does not require anything to be downloaded to use since it's all online. The apps for Android and iOS are optional and not required (you could use the normal browser if you prefer instead of the apps).

Is there a specific browser that works best with your software?
Any of the more popular internet browsers will work (Edge, Firefox, Chrome). If you are looking for a recommended browser, Chrome is a safe bet.

I've logged in but cannot see my equipment or parts list. Other users can see them just fine.
Check with your MPWEB administrator. Each user account can have restrictions placed on them to view only certain locations and warehouses. Your MPWEB admin can edit your account and give you additional access as needed.

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